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Domestic Goddess

What do you do if your life is suddenly a fixer-upper?


TV lifestyle expert Bailey Holmes is about to take her show, Domestic Goddess, to the big time. With a larger network, new sponsor and series of shows around her upcoming wedding, she’s poised to be a media darling.

When an ugly breakup and unflattering article in a gossip magazine threaten her future, she escapes to her family’s fishing lodge on Horseshoe Island. Her family agrees to let her renovate the lodge for her TV show, with one stipulation, Max Cumberland, the carpenter they’ve hired, is part of the deal, and he stays.

Despite clashing over plans for the lodge, there’s a sexy sizzle of attraction between Max and Bailey that quickly goes from simmer to steamy. But, once the lodge is renovated and the show has finished filming, will there be a second season for the couple, or will Bailey be off the island for good?

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Say You Love Me

He needs her, he desires her, but will he ever say the words she longs to hear?

say you love me high res

Lucy O’Malley is content with her life in Morgan’s Crossing. She’s established a successful baking business and more miners line up every week to buy her pies and sourdough bread. Mining engineer, Nathaniel Carrington, is one of her best customers and she’s delighted he lingers at her shop several times each week to enjoy a cup of coffee and some conversation.

But, Lucy knows the handsome, educated man could never be interested in courting a woman like her, with the rough manners that came from living in frontier towns and on mining claims all her life.

Nathaniel Carrington has a problem. Actually—three of them. His children have been living in Colorado with his mother-in-law, but she’s ill and he’s forced to bring the children to Montana to live with him. He needs someone to care for them, and Lucille O’Malley seems to be the best candidate.  She’s a fine woman, strong, upstanding and of the best character—and most importantly, she’s available.

Lucy accepts a proposal from Nathaniel for a marriage in name only, but when the children arrive she questions her ability to deal with them and realizes how challenging becoming a wife and mother would be for her.

She also realizes she’s fallen in love with Nathaniel.

A Montana Sky Morgan’s Crossing Kindle Worlds book, set in 1885.

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Beneath A Silver Moon

Sinclair Readford had reached the end of her rope, figuratively and literally. She hung out of the window of a whorehouse in nothing more than her unmentionables. To escape the disreputable establishment, the Eastern-bred lady had vowed to go to any length. However, when her fingers slipped and she plunged into the embrace of a ruggedly handsome cowboy, she wondered if she’d been saved or damned.

collectorcard-2.5inx3.5in-h-frontJefferson McCloud had never had a woman fall out of the sky to land in his arms before. It was enough to turn a man into a lovesick fool. Especially when the woman was all long blond hair and soft white skin. He should have known immediately she’d be more trouble than the devil himself. But soon, the cowboy knew he’d ride to hell and back to earn the right to call the impertinent chatterbox his own.

“I enjoyed it thoroughly! The story was delightful!”
NY Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz

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A Library Journal Self-e Selection


Promise Me


After spending years in an arranged marriage as the repressed wife of an older man, Amanda Wainwright has learned the hard way that money can’t buy happiness. She arrives in Willow Creek, Montana determined to keep a deathbed promise to her husband and do something to help other people. When Amanda meets a handsome, mysterious stranger who tempts her with sweet promises and long nights of passion, she discovers a fiery, passionate nature that could lead her to disaster.

For Samuel Calhoun, falling in love wouldn’t just be foolish, it could be deadly. He’s on assignment as an undercover agent for the Secret Service. In order to maintain his secret identity he accepts an offer from a consortium of mine owners to seduce, humiliate and ruin the Widow Wainwright. Before long, Sam knows he’s met the woman who can banish the aching emptiness in his soul and he’s willing to risk everything – even his life – to be with her.

4 Stars from Romantic Times Book Reviews – “Crisp dialogue and enjoyable characters mark this lovely novel.”

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