New Cover for “Domestic Goddess”

A relaunch of my book, “Domestic Goddess”

A long, long time ago, I wrote a “chick-lit” book.¬†Domestic Goddess¬†is about a TV lifestyle expert, (Martha Stewart type?) who gets into a bit of a mess when her fiance decides to tell her he’s decided to become a woman…just as she’s about to embark on a huge advance for her show…using the theme of her upcoming wedding.

My critique partner loved it, but I think including a Trans character put the book a bit ahead of it’s time. So it went on the virtual shelf in my computer. I wrote other books.

Then the Bruce/Caitlyn thing happened. Suddenly, my book was more relevent. And a little HGTV series, called Fixer Upper, was all the rage. So I broke out the book, revised it, sent it to an editor, and got a cover designed.

I published it and waited, and waited, and waited some more. Sales were…let’s say – minimal. Something was wrong, because the book got some great reviews. It just wasn’t selling.

Then, my friend Gerri Russell stepped in, and she helped me to re-work the book, cover, description, etc. to do a relaunch!

Here’s the new cover her daughter Melissa designed!



I’ve changed the description, the tag words, and a few other things and I’m ready to send this book out again.

Wish me luck!