Vote for Me!

I’m not running for office, but I do have a campaign. My newest book, a contemporary romance, has been chosen by Kindle Scout for a month long book campaign.

Domestic Goddess CoverPart of the campaign is getting “nominated” by the public. That means votes for your book. After thirty days, using some unknown formula, the editors at Kindle Scout decide if they will publish your book.

It’s a good deal, with an advance and 50% of cover price in royalties. Not to mention being able to enjoy the advantages of Amazon marketing efforts.

So, please go to Amazon Scout and VOTE

Thank you!

Creating a New Website

My Deborah Schneider needed a facelift, which I thought would be an easy task. I hired someone to set up a new page.

Then I didn’t like it. I’d designed my webpages before, so I knew I could do it again. It would take some time…but it would be worth it, I’d have my “perfect website” with a design and features I wanted.

I didn’t count on losing the site completely! And for it taking days to get it back up again. I spent hours on chat with technicians, but they couldn’t seem to solve the program.

Sometimes life is like a crazy carnival ride.
Sometimes life is like a crazy carnival ride.

So, my solution was start over again. I hated to do it, but when you’re given a difficult choice the best thing is to take a deep breath, and do it.

So, this is a simple design, with pretty minimal stuff right now. But I’ll keep working on it. And eventually, I’ll have the site I’ve envisioned.

It will just take time!